My research focuses on the ethics and governance of climate engineering (also known as geoengineering), as well as broader issues in climate justice.

My recent work on climate justice has focused on issues of equity in mitigation policy, such as how to fairly divide the emissions budget within and between generations. The main paper from that project is forthcoming in Environmental Values. Two subsidiary papers were published in Climatic Change and Ethics, Policy & Environment, respectively.

Working on geoengineering ethics has also inspired an interest in related issues, such as the philosophy of technology and philosophical questions surrounding moral hazard. I also have a long-standing interest in ethical theory. I'm particularly interested in questions about the foundations of morality, various aspects of consequentialism, and moral epistemology.

For more details about selected papers, see my page on For a complete list of publications and presentations, see my CV.

I occasionally tweet about issues related to my research interests.