Moral Reasoning

Moral Reasoning: A Text on Reader on Ethics and Contemporary Moral Issues (OUP, 2017)

  • Includes clear and comprehensive discussions of moral reasoning, ethical theory, and contemporary moral issues along with a thorough set of readings in these areas
  • Readings include both standards of moral theory and classic and contemporary sources in applied ethics from an uncommonly diverse set of authors; nearly one-third of the readings are authored by women
  • Offers coverage of standard contemporary moral issues along with more cutting-edge topics like race, sex, and climate change
  • Illustrates aspects of moral reasoning using actual arguments from the applied ethics literature
  • Explains the use of analogical reasoning, thought experiments, and counterexamples in ethics
  • Includes dozens of detailed case studies drawn from real events, fiction, and film
  • Incorporates Chinese and African ethics
  • Provides "guiding questions" to help students understand primary sources, discussion questions for each chapter and reading, and a detailed appendix on writing an ethics paper
David Morrow